Award Methodologies and Disclosures

CreditFlux Manager Awards – The criteria on which the CreditFlux Manager Awards are based are quantitative and awards performance over the previous calendar year in a number of credit categories. The CreditFlux Manager Awards are produced by Creditflux, a leading information source globally for CLOs, credit derivatives, structured credit, and distressed credit. CreditFlux is an Acuris company and is not affiliated with Oxford Funds. We are not aware of the number of advisers surveyed in any given year, or the percentage of advisers surveyed that received a finalist designation or a best fund designation. Oxford Funds did not pay a fee to receive this award. This award may not be representative of any one client’s or investor’s experience. Further, this recognition is not to be construed as indicative of any Fund’s future performance or as a testimonial regarding any Oxford Fund’s or its affiliates’ advisory capabilities.